Aji's is a social enterprise that empowers the elderly to live healthy and happy lives by providing a platform to showcase their skills and knowledge.

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Aji's makers

Meet the wonderful makers of the Aji's products. They put their passion and years of experience into every handcrafted product they make.

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Champa Devi Tuladhar

Champa Devi is 76 years old and is passionate about knitting. She has been making woolen wears for the past 50 years. It helps her to forget worldly issues and keeps her mind at peace. She has five grandchildren and she loves spending time with them. 

Products: Lumu Socks


Gyani Laxmi Manandhar

91-year-old Gyani Laxmi Manandhar loves making traditional Newari pouch called Mheecha. She has been making Mheechas for over 15 years now and says that it is a type of medicine that keeps her engaged and happy. Every year she gifts 500 Mheechas to devotees at Basundhara Mela, an annual festival held in Kathmandu. 

Products: Mheecha Pouch


Dil Hera Tuladhar

Dil Hera has been making shawls and knitting woolen wears since she was 25 years old. She learned to craft while living in Kalimpong. Now at 83 she lives in the Ganabahal neighborhood of Kathmandu and loves to make outfits and blankets for her grandchildren and great grandchildren. When she is not knitting and sewing, Dil Hera loves to watch Bollywood movies and listen to old Hindi songs.

Products: Coming soon!

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Juju Ratna Tamrakar

Juju Ratna is 70 years old and is a skilled painter and sculptor. He worked as the artist for the Nepal Rastra Bank (central bank of Nepal) for 25 years. He retired at the age of 45 but has never stopped making art. He has a small studio space in his terrace  where he spends most of his time. 

Products: Swayambhu Stupa and Dharma Chakra Magnets


Bal Kumari Shakya

Bal Kumari was born in Patan and raised in a family of tailors. She is 75 years old and sewing is her passion. She learnt how to sew by making "putu mheechas" (traditional Newari pouch) by gathering scraps of cloth from her family tailor shop. When she's not sewing, Bal Kumari loves to attend Gyanmala Bhajan (Buddhist devotional singing).

Products: Coming soon!


Menuka Shrestha

Menuka was born and raised in Thankot area of Kathmandu Valley. She has a son and two daughters. Her elder daughter and five-year-old grand daughter live in Pokhara and try to visit her every alternate month. Besides making bead jewelry, she also works in a hospital. In her free time she enjoys working in her vegetable garden.   

Products: Poh Bracelets


Sushila Sthapit

Sushila is 74 year old. She  worked as a housekeeper supervisor for many years. She is now retired but is continuing her interest of knitting which she learned knitting from observing her mother during childhood days. She strongly believes in not staying idle. She has three children and three grandchildren for whom she knits various products. In addition to knitting she also has a melodious voice and loves to sing old songs. 

Products: Tapu headwarmer

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Necklace Devi Sthapit

Necklace Devi is 70 years old and enjoys cooking, especially traditional Newari food. She has four grandchildren and loves to cook for them. She also enjoys inviting friends and family for elaborate meals. She also regularly attends religious gatherings and likes to perform rituals both at temples and monasteries.

Products: Tara Puja Set 


Ram Maya Maharjan

Ram Maya is 66 years old and lives in Sano Gaon in the outskirts of Kathmandu. She learned to make the traditional Nepali stools and mats made of straw from her mother when she was 20 years old. This skill has been passed down from mother to daughter in the Maharjan family for several generations. When she’s not working in her rice field, Ram Maya stays home to make beautiful straw stools and mats.

Products: Suku Mat


Shiro Moktan

Shiro is a 67 years old resident of Kathmandu. She graduated with honors in English from Loreto College in Darjeeling. She started the first Cambridge GCE and A levels school in Nepal and worked in the education sector for three decades. After retirement she is following her passion for crafting. She likes to knit, sew, bake, and make macrame products, a recently revived craft that originated in the 13th century.

Products: Dori Plant Hangers


Meena Niraula

Meena is 70 years old and lives in the Chauni neighborhood of Kathmandu. She loves knitting variety of woolen wears that she gifts to her family and friends. She has four children who are spread across the world in Canada, UK, Germany, and USA. She has five adorable grandchildren. Meena plans to donate her income from Aji's to support the education of orphan children in Nepal.

Products: Coming soon!